About Us

Our Philosophy:

At Mazeltography, we strive to capture moments, emotions and memories, instead of just a picture. We believe in the natural, the real, the candid. You are a person, not a mannequin; why would we pose you like one?

Every family is unique, and your photography solution should reflect that.  In keeping with this, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all packages.  At Mazeltography every solution begins with a custom quote so that we can provide you with everything you want, and leave out what you don’t.  

Sara Reid, Head Photographer:

Sara is the founder and head photographer of Mazeltography. After over a decade spent photographing children and families in both portrait and event settings, Sara has the knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations, regardless of what they may be. What she loves the most is seeing families smile, and having the privilege of capturing those moments of genuine joy.

Sara’s love of photography started as a grade school obsession with disposable cameras, and only grew from there.  She went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts in photography from Columbia College Chicago and she has been working as a photographer ever since. When she isn’t behind her camera, Sara spends her time singing and spoiling her guinea pigs.